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HCSC Application Process

The following steps need to be taken in the order shown to obtain Greenway Recreation/Tourism funding for a project:

  1. Request funding/sponsorship from Host Community for your jurisdiction; their approval must be in writing in the form of a letter or resolution stating the amount of funding they have approved for your project.

    The following list includes the contact person for requesting funding from each Host Community, and in some cases, attached you will find the criteria for applying to that host community:

    • Niagara County
      Contact: R. Thomas Burgasser, Esq – Phone: 716-439-7105 PDF See Attached Procedures

    • City of Niagara Falls
      Contact: Mayor Paul A. Dyster – Phone: 716-286-4310

    • Town of Niagara
      Contact: Supervisor Lee Wallace – Phone: 716-297-2150

    • Town of Lewiston
      Contact: Supervisor Steve Broderick – Phone: 716-754-8218

    • Lewiston-Porter School District
      Contact: Superintendent Paul Casseri – Phone: 716-754-8281PDF See Attached Procedures

    • Niagara Falls City School District
      Contact: Superintendent Mark Laurrie – Phone: 716-278-4205 PDF See Attached Procedures

    • Niagara Wheatfield School District
      Contact: Business Administrator Allison Davis – Phone: 716-215-3024

  2. Prepare project proposal/review form according to NRGC guidelines

  3. Submit project proposal to NRGC by NRGC’s required submission date

  4. After consultation/determination by NRGC, you will then be ready to submit your project to the HCSC for consideration.  Please download the two page Review Form that must accompany your submission to the HCSC.   To submit your project, please follow up with the sponsoring Host Community for your project.